Dubai is not just a spotlight for businesses and investors but it has established itself as a major attraction for shopaholics. From luxurious shopping malls to lively local markets, this city offers a variety of shopping experiences for people with different shopping choices. 

As this city has a variety of things to offer, and a few of them are the specialty of Dubai, from expensive, sophisticated items to budget-friendly, affordable things, Dubai’s shopping centre has many things for everyone. Not only citizens but people from different parts of the world fly to Dubai, especially for shopping.

Now you might be in major confusion about which items you should consider while shopping in this city, but this article will guide you through things to buy in Dubai that you can consider putting on your shopping list.

Why is Dubai Famous for Shopping?

Along with the largest shopping malls, this city offers a tax-free shopping experience, making it a more reliable place to shop. For people who crave unique, sophisticated things, Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates might be an impressive option where they can find high-quality luxurious items under one roof. 


These malls are not just famous for their luxurious things, but the marvellous architectural interior and technology used for customers, attract people who might also like to just visit the mall and do some window shopping. 


People who like to wear various types of accessories can try to visit various Gold Souk in this city. And for those who like cooking for them, Spice Souk might turn into a treasure. These souks are famous as they still hold the traditional and cultural values of Dubai.


Many of you might just want to walk around and do casual shopping and look for unique things. You can simply find various local markets with the help of the Makani number, which will help you locate different shopping attractions in Dubai. 


List of top 13 things to buy in Dubai

There are many different things to buy in Dubai, but out of all, here are the top 13 things you should consider first while making your shopping list for Dubai: 


  • Eatable Goods:

Dubai Dates: Arabic cuisine is incomplete without dates. From big Medjool dates to small Khallas dates that taste like caramel, Dubai’s market has a range of varieties of dates that are high in quality and rich in nutrition.


Camel Milk Chocolate: In Dubai, people use camel milk as the main ingredient in many things, like soap as well as ice cream, so chocolate might not be exceptional, but its taste and smooth texture are what make it famous and the most preparable chocolate flavour. 


Dubai Spices: The spices of Dubai add exotic flavours to Arabic cuisines, especially saffron, and cardamom is widely used in sweet as well as savoury dishes. Various spices from Dubai will help to add Middle Eastern flavours to your food.


Arabian Coffee: Arabian coffee powder or whole beans will give you a cafe-like coffee experience at home. The authentic flavour and aromatic smell of coffee play a vital role in Arabian traditions. 


Date-Stuffed Chocolate: For people who enjoy eating dates and have a sweet tooth for chocolate this might be an irresistible combination. The sweet dates coated with a smooth layer of chocolate and high-quality nuts stuffed inside the dates give a mouthful of flavours.


  •  Wearable Goods

Kaftans: Kaftans are free-flowing traditional Arabic garments. This style of dress reflects the cultural heritage of this city. This city offers a wide range of kaftans that come in different varieties of patterns and styles, no matter if you are attending a special party or any casual event. 


Pashmina Shawls: High-quality craftsmanship done on Pashmina shawls made with cashmere wool is famous for their warmth and softness. You can use it as a luxurious add-on to your outfit or just to protect yourself from the cold climate.


Diamond and Gold Jewellery: This City of Gold will live up to your expectations when it comes to gold and diamond jewellery. From statement diamond pieces to delicate and heavy gold accessories, jewellery stores in this city give you a wide range of options. 


Arabic Attars: Posh places like Palm Jumeirah are known for offering various types of traditional Arabic perfumes, including attars. They are made with natural ingredients and essential oils, offering aromatic and pleasant fragrances.


Embroidered Footwear: Dubai is also renowned for its embroidery style, especially for footwear. Be it modern sandals or traditional slippers, Arabic-embroidered footwear will add a unique touch to the wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts. 


  • Other Luxurious Items


Bakhoor and Oudh: Oudh is an expensive perfume oil, and Bakhoor is an Arabic incense; both of them give your home a touch of luxurious aromatic treasure, and with their fragrance, you can smell the richness of Arabian culture. 


Persian Rugs: Dubai is a major attraction for Persian rugs because of its amazing craftsmanship. While handcrafted rugs are a little more expensive than machine-made rugs, they can be an investment in beautiful home decor for a long period.


Arabic Lanterns: These lanterns do a lot beyond providing just a source of light. Arabic lanterns are more of a work of art; the designs and patterns engraved on them indicate the style of this city itself, giving your house a little bit of Arabic style.



There are many things to know about Dubai, but for shopaholics, shopping is their first priority. Even if you are not that into shopping, when in this city, you might feel like buying every item from the shop as you may get compelled by its quality and richness.  


There are many unique things to buy in Dubai, and the tax-free shopping policy is like the cherry on the cake. Whether you are into fashion, a  foodie, or a person who likes to have unique home decor items, Dubai has everything to satisfy your hunger. So, next time you are on your shopping spree, make sure to include these items on your list.