Dubai has become a magnet for people from all over the globe because of its high infrastructure level and fast-growing economy. This city is considered the heart of the UAE, as it holds a very modern and luxurious lifestyle and yet has held a cultural essence for a very long time.

Living in Dubai is indeed a good and very elite experience for anyone, and this article will highlight the numerous essential factors that can be considered while living in Dubai that will make your life in Dubai easier and happier.


Is Dubai a Good Place to Live?

When it comes to people’s choices, living in Dubai is considered to be the best choice but it still depends on an individual’s preferences and the conditions in which they opt to live in this city.

One of the main factors that makes this city a good place to live is the safe and secure environment created by the government for all residents. 

Dubai offers high-class advanced amenities, including modern housing, technologically advanced working spaces, and a variety of leisure activities.

Being situated in an Islamic country, there might be certain things to look after so that you won’t violate any rules, but other than that, its high standard of living will give you a unique experience, and you will find comfort in this city. 


Reasons Why Living in Dubai is a Great Option

This city has gained the reputation for being a most desirable place to live, and here are several reasons for this reputation: 


  1. Quality of Life: This city offers various recreational opportunities, from sophisticated malls and technologically advanced entertainment venues to mesmerising beaches and luxurious hotels. This helps residents balance their work lives with their personal lives while having leisure time. 


  1. Diverse Career Opportunities: Dubai is an economically growing city and widely known for being a business hub. From small-scale businesses to multinational companies, people have opportunities to work in any industry they want that can help them grow financially based on their skills and interests. 


  1. Talent Hub: For people who are interested and have talent in areas like media, art, education, and marketing but want to work on their own as freelancers, Dubai has a Talent Pass as a licence where people get the freedom to earn through their talent. This helps to evolve the business environment in this city. 


  1. Low Crime Rates: Strict law enforcement agencies and a strong legal system contribute to a safe and secure environment for its residents. Compared to other cities, crime cases like theft, pickpocketing, kidnapping, etc are very rare. Strict punishments are practiced, which makes Dubai the safest city to live in.


  1. Well-Connected Public Transportation: Dubai offers a variety of high-tech options when it comes to public transportation, from the metro to buses to taxis. You can reach anywhere at any time by travelling by these transport means, as they are  easily available. This helps residents be less dependent on private vehicles.


  1. Diverse Social Communities: You will find people from all around the world living in Dubai with unity, no matter what their religion or background is. This city offers a diverse social scene, which consists of community centres, international clubs, and many cultural events organised to meet and socialise with different people. 


  1. Low Tax Rates: The government of Dubai gives people the freedom to take advantage of the tax-free environment, which allows them to have a sufficient portion of their income. This is a great opportunity for people seeking financial growth. This can be a very compelling and appealing factor for everyone. 


  1. Affordable Cost of Living: Yes, the cost of living can be a little high but yet affordable. As the low tax rates imply and employees are paid more compared to other cities around the world, this gives people the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with good budget-friendly alternatives for every facility available in this city. 


  1. No Language Barrier: Though Arabic is the local language of this city, English is understood and commonly spoken in Dubai. Even if you aren’t fluent in Arabic, that might not be a major problem; whether at workplaces or signing official documents, English is widely acceptable, making it easier for everyone living in Dubai.


Things to Know about While Living in Dubai

Living in Dubai might be a great experience, but there are a few things you should know and keep in mind so that you won’t face any trouble while making your dream life in this city: 


  1. Long Working Hours: While this city offers great career opportunities, this chance comes with long working hours, which can range from 8 hours per day to 48 hours per week, depending on the business. So it is important to be aware of long working hours and demanding work schedules. 


  1. Dress Code: Female tourists don’t need to cover their heads, but they should carry headscarves as required in some places. For everyone, their clothing should cover their shoulders and knees, and people should avoid wearing too-revealing clothes. Dressing decently in public places is important to respect the locals. 


  1. Postal Services: As the UAE doesn’t follow any formal street address system, door-to-door delivery is not a thing in Dubai. P.O. boxes are assigned to residents through which they receive regular mail or parcels. If the mail contains important documents related to work, then you can have them delivered to your workplace. 


  1. Restricted Consumption of Alcohol: People can consume alcohol only at licenced venues like hotels, bars, or restaurants. Alcohol is widely available in Dubai, but drinking it in public places or drunkenly creating scenes in public is strictly prohibited. If any of this happens, strict action is taken directly by the police or the government. 


  1.  Law Followed During Ramadan: Being an Arabic city, it is obvious that a few different sets of rules and regulations are followed. During the holy month of Ramadan, eating, smoking, or drinking is strictly prohibited during the daylight hours. And working hours are been reduced to 6 hours a day during this month. 



Dubai presents an appealing combination of cultural diversity, career opportunities, and a luxurious lifestyle. These factors compel many people to spend their whole lives in this safe city. A thriving economy, high-tech infrastructure, and a friendly environment make people’s lives much easier. All left for them is to earn and enjoy their life to the fullest in Dubai. While living in this metropolitan city it is important to take care of important factors so that the sentiments of locals are not hurt and indirectly respecting their culture is essential.