Locating a building on the streets of Dubai is not that tough! You can use the Makani number to effortlessly navigate and find the mall, hospital, residential building or any other posh place in Dubai you’re looking for.

Every high-rise building, villa, and other property in Dubai has a designated number, making it simple for both locals and visitors to find their desired destination using the city’s intelligent addressing system.

What is Makani Number?

A Makhani number is a distinctive ten-digit identifier assigned to any property located in the seven cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that make up the Emirate. 

It helps in pinpointing properties using a “digital numbering system”!

This move has positioned Dubai as one of the most advanced cities globally, and the Makhani number simplifies the process of locating a property, making it less likely for residents and visitors to get lost or stray from their intended path.

Dubai was the pioneer in adopting this system, and it has since been embraced by other Emirate cities, including Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. Each number is unique, facilitating accurate identification of specific properties.

At present, the Makani system serves as the official geographic addressing system for navigating locations in various Emirates, including:

  • Dubai 
  • Ajman 
  • Fujairah 
  • Ras Al Khaimah  
  • Umm Al Quwain

Where to find Makani number Dubai?

If you need to locate the Makani digit of a place other than your residence or workplace, there are several ways to accomplish this, including:

  1. Website

Step 1: Visit the official website and click on the link to find your Makani digit.

Step 2: Type in the address in the search bar or click on the “Location” button located on the right side of the screen, which resembles an arrow. 

(This allows the website to access your device’s location).

Step 3: The system will then identify your location. If you want to choose a specific plot or building on the map, click and hold the area.

Step 4: The website will then display the 10-digit Makani number Dubai for the selected building.

  1. Using the Makani app

  • Search for the “Makani” app created by the Dubai Municipality on your device’s app store. The app is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, you can give permission for it to detect your device’s location.
  • Select and hold the specific plot you require the Makani number Dubai for.
  • The app will then display the number for the building in question, with a red pin marking the entrance and the 10-digit number listed on top.

You can also ask for Makani number in Dubai at your building’s reception. The Makani number Dubai is typically displayed on a plate at the entrance of buildings. In the event that you are unable to locate it, you can ask the building’s security or reception desk for the 10-digit number.

How does it Makani system help us?

The Makani system is incorporated into the official addressing system of every Emirate where it has been implemented. 

Consequently, all government organizations, police authorities, and ambulance services will utilize the Makani system. Here are some examples of services that may request your Makani numeral:

  1. In case of an emergency

In the event of an emergency and you find yourself in an unfamiliar location, the Makani app can assist you in identifying your precise whereabouts. By providing the authorities with the 10-digit number, police or ambulance services can rapidly and accurately locate and reach you.

  1. To get an ambulance swiftly

Individuals who are critically ill or people with disabilities can register with Dubai Police to receive prioritized and swift ambulance services during an emergency. The registration process necessitates the provision of the individual’s Makani digit to allow the authorities to dispatch an ambulance to their location in less than five minutes. 

How to use the Makani Number Dubai?

With just a click on the app, you can easily locate your desired destination. You have the option to use the smart navigation system available on Google Maps, which provides you with precise directions to your desired location. Alternatively, you can download the Makani app and use it to navigate the city and locate your destination.


The Makani numeral can be a useful tool to prevent getting lost and finding a location with ease. In emergency situations, the number can also help locate nearby hospitals and other important places without having to search for them. Additionally, you can use the number to ensure accurate delivery of mail and other items to the intended location.

Being familiar with Makani is important for Dubai residents as it is one of the frequently used real estate terms. Along with Makani, the Dubai Land Department(DLD), the app is also available in Dubai for homeowners and tenants to utilize in order to renew their Ejari, obtain valuation services and other related purposes.


What is makani app in dubai?

The Makani app is a smartphone application developed by the Dubai Municipality as part of the Makani system, which is the official geographic addressing system used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The app allows users to search for and locate buildings and other locations in Dubai and other emirates where the Makani system is implemented. Users can input an address, plot number, or even the Makani digit to find the location on the map, and the app can also provide directions to the desired location. Additionally, the app can be used to access other services provided by the Dubai Municipality.

Can I get my Makani digit online?

It depends on where you are located and the availability of the service online. The number is primarily used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to identify the location of a building or property. If you are in the UAE, you may be able to obtain your Makani numeral online through the Dubai Municipality website or through the Makani mobile app.

How can I know the Makani numeral of my building?

If you are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are several ways to find the Makani digit of your building:

  • Check the building entrance
  • Use the Makani mobile app
  • Use the Dubai Municipality website
  • Ask the building owner or property manager